Thursday, July 28, 2005

Road Trip: Unrated! Writers Draft

I will be heading down to Fort Myers tonight, and won't be back in Winter Park until Sunday night. So I'll be unable to update my blog. Oh no!, cried the townspeople. But maybe my Aunt and Uncle are savvy enough to have installed a cable modem on their first day in their new house. We shall see. I can feel the symptoms of withdrawal already beginning.

Everyone share a drink with me this weekend.

(Turns head violently away from monitor)

"Katie, I need a laptop!" (yelling)

There's a faint reply nestled in his ear, but it is intelligible.

"Did you hear me?"

Katie waltzes into the room and presents him with a brand new powerbook. He gazes into the 17 inch LCD widescreen, dreaming of his future creations. He sets the laptop down upon the coffee table and is instantly impressed with its heavy duty construction. As he loads Final Draft into his new machine, there's a slight tickle at his ankle. Looking down, there are a pair of grisly.....


Anonymous said...

what? you got a new toy? that's not allowed.. have fun this weekend

John Donald Carlucci said...

I hate to admit this, but I'm lost. Were you launching into a nasty story, or really getting a laptop? Cuz, gratz on the laptop - or, finish the story. I want to know what the grisly things were.


moses said...

have a great weekend.