Friday, May 26, 2006

Hi, My Name Is, Hi

A little update to the 3 people who continue to check my blog-I think I have found a special FX guy for Generator. He just graduated from the Tom Savini FX school, which is exactly what I was looking for....exactly. The reason? He'll be looking to take a job to make a name for himself, and he'll work for credit, just like everyone involved in the movie. He's a couple of hours away, but said he can make it work. We're going to meet up next week to have a sit down and go over the script.

Just about everything is lining up for the film to kick ass.

By the way, anyone who thinks Yo Momma is funny, or any of that other garbage on Mtv, should be drawn and quartered immediately. The decline of civilization can happen very quickly, apparently.