Saturday, January 31, 2009

What year is this?

Somehow I woke up in the new year writing and directing my own tv series (no not for NBC, for myself). After all that I laid out last year, all the goals, all the dreams and the line by line...outline, how did I end up here?

I don't know, but it just goes to show you have to keep your options open and only a fool like myself would try and create a year long schedule. Mostly what I realized is that I hate work. Like, real work. You know, like those jobs that are dropping like flies at the moment? So I'm happy to report the scripts I had set up on the right hand side of the page are all done. I wrote and rewrote them. That is all I accomplished from last years list. But really, that's all I truly cared about.

Oh, and if by chance you haven't seen The Nines ( written and directed by John August) you should go and buy the dvd. Really interesting movie, and Melissa McCarthy made me fall in love with her.

**Oh yes, my move to L.A. is on hold. However I did take a trip there in August and loved everything about it. I have no doubt that living there is the correct choice for me. But my wallet and I have some issues currently so maybe at a later date I'll be there.