Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The first official production meeting for Generator

...is to take place on July 7th, with a rain date of the 14th. I'll be sure to update more frequently from then on, maybe with some pics of the motley crew. Right now I'm searching for paperwork for the cast and crew to sign...in blood.

On another note, I entered the FX channel "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" contest. Little did I know almost all of the 20 selected semifinalists entered trailers, and not a comedy short, or an entire scene from an existing show they made prior. LAME. You mean to tell me you reward people for splicing together a trailer from existing material rather than actually taking a story, making it cohesive enough to make sense in the 5 minutes allotted and actually delivering a full, albeit narrative? I have to call bullshit on that one. Stupid me, I thought the idea was to show an idea for a pilot in short form and that the idea could translate into a series. I took the entire 'series' part of the equation very seriously, and thought my idea would work for at least 5 years, or 101 episodes. My idea was entitled 101 Debacles, and each week, I would show one of those debacles in all of it's glory. Most of them are from my life, or things I tend to think about all my life. Could have been great! (just like my life, coincidentally enough) But anyway, here's the first episode if interested. Keep in mind I had exactly 48 hours to film, edit and submit this. Debacle #1: The Myth of the Powdered Nose

Check back for all Generator, all the time beginning the weekend of the 7th.