Thursday, July 07, 2005

Boy, I was popular overnight

Suddenly, I got 30 hits from strange blogs overnight. These were not regulars. Don't know what the deal is, but checking my site stats, it makes little sense. All of the visitors have absolutely nothing to do with writing. Oh well, at least it'll bump my total up from it's meager level.

On the screenplay front, I'm still procrastinating on my next move. I think I want to try out my 10 day program that I had such success with on another script, and I want to start something new. But the little voice inside is saying "Finish what ya got, dead beat!" So, it appears picking from a potpourri of shit I have agonized over several times already is the way I must go.

There's the dilemma. Which enables my procrastination. I guess I'm being a little hard on myself. It's only been 3 days since I finished Generator in record time(for me). But I know not to be complacent. Got to get going onto the next project, and soon.


Anonymous said...

I see you like to sip libations while writing... have you tried George Dickel sipping bourbon? I was breezing The Onion archives and Merle Haggard swears JD stole George's recipe...he also mentions that there is no sediment at the bottom of a Dickel glass

JD said...

No, I haven't tried it yet, though I've heard of it. I may try it in the near future, actually.

Anonymous said...

Try it definitely!