Sunday, July 03, 2005

Finished her up

Generator is done! I stuck what was working-just straight up brutality. I did end up finding a twist I never thought of. And I like it. It makes so much sense, it's just perfect. And there were no PG13 moments to be had. The ending is a depressing piece of insanity, and that's the way I like my horror. So if I am remembering this correctly, it's been 10 days since I started Generator. It stands at a lean 72 pages.(plan on adding another 5-10 pages in rewrites) That's about 7 pages a day, everyday. I'm going to see if I can continue this pace on my next project, of which I haven't decided yet.

I'll give myself off tomorrow, most likely. Then dive into something else.

Question for my visitors: Do you usually jump right into your next project? Or do you wait until your buzz from the prior script wears off? I'd be interested to know what other writers do.

Have a happy July 4th.


Anonymous said...

I let it percolate as well as start the next project...I don't want any downtime. I finish a draft, let it sit, then begin the opening interlude of character creation, jotting down scenes and scenarios for my next Opus. Before I get too ahead of myself on it, I bring back the previous one for another draft run-through. A writer's holiday to me is sipping margaritas by the pool watching scantily clad women behind mirrored sunglasses (but I still have a Mead notepad and trusty pen beside me)

Cecil E. Rudd said...

Congrats! I would say give it a week or two. Let it air out and come back to it with a more open mind. Take a day looking in the mirror telling your self how fucking good you are and that you should have been getting paid for this a long time ago. Start your next project after you've done this,and it will make it that much better.

I myself let my finished work sit for two weeks while I outline my next project. I always have at least two in the works.

By the way, cool job with the progress bars! Good Luck on your next project!