Saturday, July 02, 2005

Pink Floyd

Just watched Pink Floyd, live from London. Incredible show. For those 30 minutes, everything was right in the world. And yes, I can see the huge tour being planned at this very moment which will rake in a billion dollars for them. But I can't help wondering if the personal problems of 3 men can be resolved even after 20 years of combat in a mere 30 minutes, maybe the rest of the world has a chance to reconcile as well.

After all, every country was friendly with each other at one point. It's purely pie in the sky thinking, but it's my only hopeful thought for the world this year, I promise. No more sappiness.

And, by the way, Pink Floyd were Gods today, and I would pay $1000 to see them live.


Anonymous said...

did Roger mainly play bass on the songs just sing a few tunes? I only saw him sing on one of the tunes

JD said...

He sang 'Comfortably Numb' and 'Wish You Were Here'(most of, Gilmour did his parts.) He played bass on all. He also said, "I can't tell you how emotional this is, to be with these guys again". Cha ching! World tour!