Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Huzzah For Florida!...And More Sarcasm Stuffed Musings

In an incredible display of mid-twentieth century sense, it is now illegal to make a lane change without signaling in Florida! Wow. What's next? Passing in left lanes, helmets for cyclists, mandatory recycling, night road construction, car pooling?!

Anyway, enough of my disdain for this urine soaked hell hole.

I have a good movie recommendation for horror fans and especially giallo fans. "What Have You Done to Solange?". A little gory, but more disturbing than straight up blood spilling. I give it 3.75 shots down the hatches out of 5.

Wrote another 10 pages of Dead Trends today, after 18 yesterday. I now stand at 69.1 pages in 7 days. I may just finish this one within my self imposed deadline of ten days. Didn't think I could do it again, especially since this script will be longer than Generator. We shall see.

Lets hear it for Ebay, and the buyers of my 6 DVD's. I wanted to get rid of some doubles, (Goodfellas, American Psycho, Casino, True Romance, From Dusk Til Dawn and Scarface) since I bought the special editions. Worked like a charm! Averaged about $9 each, including shipping.

I am waiting for word back for the three contests I entered. I find out the finalists of one the first week of August, and Scriptapalooza Quaterfinalists are announced on July 29th. The Nickelodeon Fellowship, I have no idea about. I remember reading end of August, but now I can't find anything about the winner announcements. It'll take a miracle to win anything, but I'm damn well deserving of one.

Random notes to get to know me better:

Favorite past time: Drinking with buddies in Jersey.

My most influential films: 70's: Jaws 80's: The Breakfast Club 90's: Pulp Fiction 00's: Mulholland Drive

My sense of humor is: Dry, Sarcastic, dark and sometimes goofy.

I have 5 tattoos

I drank a bear 'o beer once. ( Picture forthcoming...maybe)

My favorite Tv shows are: Cheers, Seinfeld, 24, Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Simpson's, Hawaii 5/0

Bands I'm currently enjoying: Brian Eno, Danzig, Devo, Team Sleep, The Cure

Sleep schedule: 6AM until 1PM

Writing schedule: Writing from 10pm-12am. Typing in FD from 12am to 2am.

I have a cat, Madden.

I have a tremendous singing voice.(to me)

I have a DUI, and am shunned in society more than a murderer.

And that's all for now! Boredom has set in. For you a
s well, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

any big contests coming up this fall? Sept-Dec dates? I am wondering if I'll be able to make one of these or polish it and wait until the spring ones

John Donald Carlucci said...

I was surprised by the turn-signal thing too. Jesus, this place is fucked. At least motorcycles aren't allowed to drive between cars like LA. That always freaked me a bit.


JD said...

To MQ: I'll check Moviebytes.com for big contests in the fall...I can't remember. I kind of go month to month without knowing what is coming. There is a small contest that's coming in the Fall. I entered it last year and finished 20th. It's a nice, small contest judged rather fairly by other submitters. The good thing is, there are two divisions and you never review a script in the division yours is in, so there's no harm is giving a positive review. http://www.screenwriterscommunity.com/

TO JDC: Isn't it unbelievable? Here I am screaming at people for cutting me off without using a turn signal, and they were in the right, for all intensive purposes. And motorcycles do that in Jersey, too. I never understood the law that allows a cycle basically free reign on the roads like that. I'm sitting in a 10 mile backup, and cycles are zipping by in between cars. God forbid we opened a door.

How was LA? I'm contemplating when and where in LA to move.

John Donald Carlucci said...

I loved it and am heading back in the year. It is a bitch and an asshole, but I still loved it. No humidity like this swamp either (doing a happy dance).

I lived on Sunset in little Russia - half a block from Meltdown Comics (I like the room and lighting of Meltdown, as oppossed to Golden Apple). I would never live in the valley (it always seemed so hot). I liked being in the middle where I was.


John Donald Carlucci said...

You can succeed as a writer outside of LA, but that doesn't seem any fun to me. I liked having geek talks with Seth Green and Billy Mummy. I loved helping Stan Lee research Roman Gods and surprising him when I pulled an Amazing Spiderman trade out of thin air for him to sign (it was a bookstore I worked in and we had them downstairs). The night Mike Mignola thought we didn't recognize him and was pumping us on what we thought about superhero films (ended up get all of his graphic novels signed that night and a little Hellboy drawing).

Nothing is more revitalizing than going to an event and talking to someone you admire when the writing well is dry (the night we laughed SO HARD at the awful Hatred of a Minute film that Bruce Campbell produced (against his will I think) and the man took playful shots at us). There are times you need to feel the energy and it is there.

One weird thing...
I felt like I knew the place when I first moved their because I had seen so many of the locations in old tv or film. Strange deja vu!


JD said...

Sounds cool, and exactly why I tell my girlfriend Katie we should go. How was the neighborhood you were in? And was the price reasonable?

I'll most likely move back to Jersey to film a couple of my scripts, then after about a year of reminiscing with the old crowd, hitting the road again, this time to LA.

John Donald Carlucci said...

I had a great place with hardwood floor, 2 bedrooms, and very spacious. It came to $850 a month because it had been transferring between roommate for years. It is expensive to live there, but what's the price of your dream and how hard are you going to work for it?

It is worth it just to try.


JD said...

Well, considering I'm paying $650 a month now, what's the difference? 200 is very doable. We actually found a few high rises in Hollywood/LA and they were quite nice, and the price was very manageable. I don't know the area too well, and living in a high rise with earthquakes possible at any moment kind of left us undecided. But I'll definitly be there in the next two years.

John Donald Carlucci said...

You could die in a hurricane here - or old lady driver (shudder).

I'll look forward to meeting you when you get there.


Matt Reynolds said...

6am? Goddamn boy. Get to bed earlier.

I've only been in the States for a year. My first (and hopefully) only visit to Florida was to St. Pete's beach in the Spring. Wasn't too impressive.

Jake said...

"The court objects to the phrase 'urine soaked hell hole' when you could have used the words 'pee-pee soaked heck hole'"