Friday, July 01, 2005


I put down yet another 7 1/2 pages tonight to bring the total for Generator up to 53 1/2. Almost finished the first draft. Around 25 more pages!

By the by, I will slay anyone who thinks that the stupid ABC celebrity dance off program is worth watching. Katie loves it, and I suffer excruciating nausea as a result. I have no time to view nitwits prancing around just to see which 'famous' person can learn to prance the best. Now, say if they were trying to figure out which of those so called famous folk can learn to work a construction job making $12 an hour, I may tune in. Or who can drink the most JD without throwing up or acting like a jackass. Anything else would do.

And one more thing- Now admittedly, I'm no R Kelly fan, but this guy has finally done it. I've snapped. Katie made me listen to something she described as horrible. Horrible was not the word. The song, which thankfully I don't know the name of, has one full minute of this:

"I'm in the closet
He walks in the bathroom
Still I'm in the closet
He checks the shower
still I'm in the closet
with my berretta
but I'm a christian man
He approaches the closet
and I'm in the closet
He opens the closet
and there I am
In the closet

I assure you, it's worse hearing it. Now I know people that like his music. And I can deal with mindless R&B, the "same beat recycled since Jodeci was hot" crap as well as the next guy. But anyone who likes this song is good must be put to death....or given a good talking to. And I'm sure the album/song is 7 times platinum. How infuriating.

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Anonymous said...

On my last bi-monthly call to the folks back home, my mother asks me if I am watching this new dance show... I am more offended that she'd even harbor a thought I would be remotely interested (secretly I am holding out for a Synchronized Swimming team reality show so my eyes can be semi entertained)