Thursday, June 30, 2005

You had me at "Die scum sucking pig!"

I am feeling so blah today. It's been raining for what feels like a fortnight(how long is that>?) and my mind is fried. I did write another 9 pages(46 1/2!) of Generator last night. Speaking of which, it's becoming apparent I'm going to need an assistant to ...assist me with the gore effects. There are some brutal sequences I've staged in my script.

I watched Dario Argento's Inferno yesterday, and loved it, like I knew I would. Late last night, I watched the Criterion Collection of "Eyes Without a Face". Highly recommend both.

I joined Blockbuster online and have a queue of 20 horror movies coming my way. Since I'm writing horror, can't hurt to study, right? Katie on the other hand is starting to get a little nervous with my constant bellowing and laughing. And the constant sharpening of my