Friday, June 10, 2005

Kicking and screaming I go

Well, so far I am 27 pages into The Last Party, which is averaging about 6 pages a day. I'd like to get up over the 10 page a day mark. But from where I started, barely being able to stomach jotting down an idea, I'm cautiously satisfied. Today I wrote 7 pages, and the day is still young. Yesterday, 8. So I'm getting in a groove. I know my struggles are usually page 30-60, so I hope to keep the momentum going to crash through that invisible wall. I still am not sure about the plot, but I do have the basic story, or is it vice versa? I don't know.

I have a few ideas about this film. I have this vision of a long ass tracking shot, outside by an inground pool. The camera will travel around the party, pausing at conversations for a few moments, then following a person from that group and settling on another, all in one shot. Kind of a Robert Altman (The Player, Gosford Park, Short Cuts) shot. Get a nice 5-7 minutes of people talking as they do at a real party, and quick slices of their personality. Good way to meet the characters(those that don't already have intros). But it's going to be very tough to do with the equipment that we'll have available. I'll have to build some shit. Yippee.

So anywho, if I write 5-10 pages per day, everyday, for the next two weeks, the first draft should be done. And then you can all read this semi mess I have created.