Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thank you, come again!

So, I get a tuition bill from film school for almost $20,000. Well sure, it's expensive, but I can take out a loan for it. If I were still in school! At the end of Aug. , after 6 months in school, I took a forced leave because I could not get approved for the majority of the loans I needed(yet another cruel trick from FS). I took the full three months off, but just can't get the money up, so I withdrew from school. And now they bill me for the final 6 months I did not attend. They say I have 3 too many credits, which pushes me over into the second semester, if you will. How can it be possible to have 3 more credits than were earned in the 1st semester when I only was in school for the first f'n semester?! Just another headache to deal with, as usual.

And now for some positive news. I've been pricing camera's and other equipment, such as steadicam, cranes and jib arms. They can be had for relatively cheap. A few hundred for each. Now I can get all Scorsese'd up when I shoot come Winter time. I'm leaning towards the Panasonic AG-DVX100A. Seems like the best camera I can afford. It's getting better reviews than the Cannon XL series, which was my first choice. And from what I've seen, you can just about get it to look like film, which is oh so important for me. Thank you 24p! Here's a nice comparison of three cameras that really shows the differences.

Looks like NJ is going to be Hollywood East when I get up there, because I really want to shoot a horror movie directly after DIRT. Shit, I might just shoot every script that I wrote so far. It seems to me it can be done for relatively cheap. I'll just kick Hollywood's door down. That's more my style anyway.