Thursday, June 16, 2005

Not much to say. Alright, maybe a little...

I have gone back to DIRT while I try to work through some writers block on The Last Party. I'm going to write both simultaneously and hopefully we'll have a choice of which to shoot in the winter. I also have Waiting For The Sun coming in at 40 pages or so, along with my freaky religious Thriller/Horror script, The People Of The Sun, (or, Black Sunshine)constantly on my mind. Not to mention rewrites of Killer Is Me and April Fool's Day 2. A busy summer ahead, but the first two on the agenda are TLP and Dirt, which are both sitting on the 27 page mark. Next comes the hard work of act II, notoriously the biggest pain in the ass for me. In both cases, I know the story I want to tell, so it shouldn't be too bad this go around.

I lost all momentum I had last week because Katie had off all weekend. It's just too damn hard for me to write when she is in the apartment. It's not her fault, but I don't think she understands the interruptions it causes and the concentration I lose when anyone is around. So we're trying a new formula-headphones. I usually am listening to some music as I write, so if I listen with headphones, that should isolate me to that place I like to write in. We shall see.

Started Atkins again, and feel great. It's amazing how quickly the body changes. I am on it for the long haul. I got to get down to my "trim" playing weight if I intend to be onscreen at all come Winter.

May go check out Batman Begins this weekend, along with High Tension. It would be my first visit to the theatre since The Phantom Menace, I think. That or Drop Dead Gorgeous. Or Summer Of Sam. Whichever came out last was my last movie going experience. Hard to believe I love movies. I just prefer to watch them in my humble abode, away from all the pettiness and cell phone idiots that sit their rather bulbous asses into the theatre's on a Friday night.