Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Not the second act! Posted by Hello

Boy am I getting crazed with this script. There's an inherent problem of writing people you know, because you go over every little sentence checking for the realism. "No, he would never say that!" Rinse and repeat. It's particularity a thorn in my side because I have the entire story in my head, but the dialogue, usually my strongest attribute, is failing me because I try and stick to what we would really say in that position. Bottom line is, you are all about to become fictional, punks!

By the by, a horror script keeps popping up in my dreams. Not a sly, wink at the camera type like Scream, or AFD 2 for that matter. Just straight up, blood soaked Texas Chainsaw Massacre type horror. I may start that just to give a spark to my hideous habit of trying to paint a perfect portrait of my friends in DIRT. Blood must be drawn.

Still haven't heard anything from my agent about AFD 2. Oh well, maybe Frank Mancuso JR wasn't interested....


Anonymous said...

greetings fellow scribe on the upward curve such as myself...I bounced over here from Man Bytes Hollywood so hope you don't mind if I add you to my Blog Roll of blogs I read?

JD said...

Not at all. I'm going to add yours to mine. It's a good read.