Friday, June 03, 2005

Where the hell?

So, in my procrastination ritual which includes doing everything but writing, I find myself studying a milk carton. Where is this missing girl? Missing for 8 years? Where are all these people? How many kids go missing each year? And don't you just know there's some sinister plot or business going on overseas? Or even right here? We like to gloss over the fact that thousands of kids are missing each year. It doesn't really effect us. After all, we can just turn the milk carton the other way, or better yet, buy milk by the gallon. No pictures there! (best of all, don't drink milk, it's not good. But that's neither here nor there) Are they readying the moon for the elite 1%, doing the hard labor, farming and mining, while the elite plan their flight from earth leaving us to die in the dust storm to come? Or are they all underground, being forced to dig out caverns and tunnels while the reptilian's whip them? Is there some pervert convention in some yokel state that I'm unaware off? They gather up children and have their way, with no consequence? Where the hell are these kids?

Or, maybe, they just are legitimately missing.

I don't want to believe that.