Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

I am at page 39 in my horror script GENERATOR. I should be at 44, but Final Draft had Courier New set as it's default, and I didn't have Final Draft Courier for some reason. So I had to download that and apply it to my script, which brought it from 29 to 25 pages, respectfully. That's a punch in the gut to witness.

But after that, I took up an old old habit-Outlining. And I have to say, it helped me deposit 12 pages in the bank tonight. But alas, I still have a ways to go. Getting to page 75 or 80 won't be bad. And that's fairly good time for an independent horror movie. And I'm filming it anyway, so I don't know why I keep justifying the length?! There's a lot of action that I can fudge the time with. I mean "He limps across the building, all the while glaring at his victim" takes a lot longer to show than to read. So I'm confident it'll be over 80 minutes when all is said and done.

I just have to keep running to the end. But in the second act, where is the end? I can't see it. Once I get out of the middle pages, it's a dash to the finish, and that's the part I love.


Cecil E. Rudd said...

Cool blog! I just saw that you have the site in your links from which I got the bars from. Maybe you wanted a detailed description? If that site doesn't help let me know and I will try my best to help you.


I'm also writing to shoot my script but it will only be a short. I see that you said you took up and old habit of outlining. Do you just write what comes to you at the time if your not outlining? Or do you plan most of it out in your head as your writing? I myself used to just think about what I wanted to write and then just write it, but know I have to outline. If i don't and I get stuck somewhere I will just give up. It's easier for me to outline first becuase them the time comes to write the screenplay I have worked all the problems out already and it just flows.

JD said...

Yeah, I checked out Man Bytes Hollywood, but unfortunately when I follow the instructions, I just get code. I need to know how to incorporate style sheets onto the site...or something like that. I am actually too impatient to learn CSS. So any help would be fucking fantastic, frankly.

About outlining-I haven't really outlined any of my screenplays. At least not on paper. I think about them in my head a lot, imagining what I'm going to write, which is to say I outline in my head. When I get stuck when I'm just shooting from the hip, like I was on Generator, I outline the next 10 pages or so. This gets me going again. That's how I approach the on paper outline-a need to know basis.