Thursday, June 23, 2005

Writing last morning

I wrote 10 pages of DIRT. last night(or this morning...3AM). I mean that literally and figuratively. I did write pages for the Screenplay, Dirt, but I also consider the output quality dirt as well. But it's better than nothing. I hope to do 10 more tonight. Still have that bloody horror script on my mind. ...

There are a lot of big things coming up this summer, including the Nickelodeon fellowship finalists, Scriptapalooza quarter-finalists and the Eerie Horror contest, all of which I entered. And of course there's the situation with AFD 2 languishing over in La La land. I have not one idea what's happening with it. It would be nice to know. Last I heard, there was interest in moving forward. If they are moving at all, I do not know about it.

I want to enter the Disney fellowship, but I have nothing to offer. I could send in my serial killer dark comedy. How would that go over? Maybe I will send it, what's the difference. Better to enter something good in the wrong genre than to not enter anything at all.

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Anonymous said...

I am so new in the world of screenplay contests virgin baby lambs cross their hearts for me when I walk past... this is the year I breakout and finally start submitting though.