Monday, July 11, 2005


Plot holes and twist endings. To me, the story does not have to show everything to the audience. The only time I think there's a plot hole in a story is if something happens for no imaginable reason, or something impossible occurs. But if I look back on the film as a whole, and can say, "Well that could have happened." That's all I need. Some people need to see it tie together, where I just need to know it's possible it could tie together like that in the end without my seeing it. I prefer to let the antagonists do what they would do in real life-hide in the shadows, pull some strings. If you show the audience everything that happens, what good is the story? Are hints necessary? Probably. But even without a hint it works for me, as long as it's plausible.


Take for instance, The Usual Suspects. After Keyser Soze is found out, we get a flashback to show how he made up all the stories in the police station. I like that. The viewer is never sure who Keyser really is until the very end. Yet, some say the major plot hole occurs in the last twenty minutes, when Verbal stays behind. They say it makes no sense that he walked onto the boat and ended the lives of those people because he was hiding when Dean Keaton was shot. People forget it's Keysor telling the b.s. story, which is why we see it in his vision-a lie.

Yet constantly, I hear people crying 'plot hole' simply because they want everything spoon fed.

And don't get me started on Mulholland Drive. The story makes sense if you work at it. And I, for one, enjoy that.


Anonymous said...

I rarely turn off a film, but Mullholland got ejected. I didn't get it...

John Donald Carlucci said...

It wasn't until my seventh viewing that I realized Aaron Spelling was involved. I showered and showered, but the unclean feeling would not go away. I refuse to believe that kind of quality happened when he was involved. Must have been at craft services.

I loved that movie and thought everything had been laid out quite nicely. The only thing I didn't like was the pee. It really looked like Soze need to see a urogogist.

I also really like the Hat Squad. I did figure out what happened to JC's character (cause of death) pretty early, but I chalked this up to the lack (compared to now) of air travel. I try to explain the movie to people or the concept of Mullholland falls everytime I'm on it, but they don't get it. Meph.


JD said...

To MQ: It's not for everyone, but it tends to clear up the story the more you watch it.

To JDC: You had to inform me Spelling was involved? Blec!