Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Rewrite

I decided to go ahead with a rewrite on Generator. I was going through some post screenplay depression, and none of my other scripts sparked my interest. So tomorrow, I begin.

Had some bad storms today, but nothing uncool.

I played some Gamecube, Timesplitters 3, and lounged around the house while Katie worked on her genealogy stuff. She has over a 1,000 names in her family tree. Pretty impressive. It goes back to the early 18th century, I believe. I have no patience for that. Unless I get someone to start it up, then maybe my interest in it would keep me going. But starting from scratch..I don't think I can do it. I did get a script idea out of it, though. Cool indeed.

My truck accelerates while I'm driving. The entire time I'm driving. Without my foot on the pedal. Ever try braking when the gas is punched? Yeah, it doesn't make for smooth driving. I almost died on the way to Best Buy. But hey, it was Best Buy, so of course I made it there unscathed. Picked up The Rules of Attraction and The Talented Mr. Ripley for cheap. ($14 for both)
Plus I ordered several Italian 'Giallo/horror' movies online. I'm loving the genre so far. I recommend everyone check out a few. I'm thinking of writing one, actually. It interests me very much.

Anyone see Friday The 13th pt. 1? Well, this past week I watched the Mario Bava classic Twitch of the Death Nerve(Bay Of Blood), and every murder from Twitch was recycled in the original Friday a mere 9 years later. What a rip off.

As George Costanza once said, "That's it for me! I'm outta here!"


John Donald Carlucci said...

I had a friend that pushed that film on me. I just couldn't get past the title.


JD said...

Ah, just call it Bay of Blood. That's the title at the begining anyway. It's a good slasher flick, and I think a black comedy, at least It felt it in certain areas. I was impressed with the gore effects for 1971 as well.

Anonymous said...

my grandmother traced our geneology back to the year 800 and the vikings, it was neat to follow it back...

John Donald Carlucci said...

How are the Ripley films? I've never watched one, but been interested.


JD said...

To JDC: I haven't watched Ripley yet, but I'll let you know.

To: MQ: Traced back to the year 800?! Good God, that's amazing. I'll tell my girlfriend that, see if I can spur her even deeper into her obsession. :)