Sunday, July 24, 2005

I Was To See Wedding Crashers

However, due to the sickening amount of annoying humans wading into the theatre, we turned back and instead went out to eat. Then we bought 3 movies and watched them in the comfort of our idiot-cleansed abode. And please, people, leave your F'ing cell phones, children and any other object of potential annoyance to mankind in your minivan, lest risk a man telling you, in not so kind a manner, to please shut your ignorant mouths. No wonder I have refused to go to the theatre for the past 4 or 5 years. When will we get a theatre that caters to film lovers, not Hollywood lemmings that flock to any movie because the trailer looked 'hot'.

I am also having apocalyptic nightmares recently, about a nuke being set off in Wisconsin of all places. I may touch on my semi self-inflicted paranoia, and my beliefs in my next post, which may or may not be tonight. I am afraid to do so as not to alienate my blog friends. Lets just say my beliefs run from conspiracy theorist to illuminati to ...well, you get the idea.


lad said...

I have to go to the theater at ten or later now because of all the kids who come to make out and get away from their parents. It amazes me that people pay 10 or so dollars to talk to each other during the movie that they payed for. I also hate it when people laugh hysterically at a part in a comedy that was in every preview. This movie is worth toughing it out for though.

Anonymous said...

I never go to the theatre Fridays or Saturday nights... no way. Midweek matinee baby

Jake said...

Me, too, moviequill... nothing like coming out of a movie you could actually watch and feeling the afternoon sun on your face :)