Sunday, July 03, 2005

It was the butler?! WTF?!

I am stuck at page 60 with Generator. I know my last few pages, but am having doubts on how I was going to get there. I have come up with a twist ending that is pretty cool, however it slows the story down towards the end at it begs some kind of explanation. Part of me thinks it's really spectacular, but another part of me thinks this story should just end as the original concept intended-in a blood soaked, no apologies fashion. No twist, everything is as it seems, people get butchered because they deserve to, 70's style. The twist is something I incorporate a lot, so I think I'll go with carnage this time around. I can always change it in the rewrite.

In other more interesting news, the stories in the news lately, about kids being murdered or disappearing has left me with an idea for a script. It's something I think about often(as I touched on in one of my first blogs) and always get this sinister, overwhelming feeling. I think I may write what I always imagine. But maybe I should finish my other projects, don't you think?

On the April Fool's Day 2 front, still no word on if Frank Mancuso JR requested to read it, or if a reader at his production company has it already. Last I heard, my agent was enthused, and he would get it to him. So the waiting game continues.

I will find out how AFD2 did in Scriptapalooza and the Eerie Horror screenplay contests by the end of July.

Now, time to finish this damn script!