Sunday, July 17, 2005

My Ten Day Program

I'm 6 days into my vaunted program, and I'm 59 pages in. Not a bad pace. Although one gets the feeling it's going to become my 11 day program after this screenplay. Nevertheless, it works well. Giving myself a strict deadline really stops me from sabotaging myself with procrastination. And it feels great to finish a screenplay in such a short period of time. So, in other words, it is a success.

I was in a total daze last night as I hand wrote 18 pages, then typed them into Final Draft, revising it as I went along. It took me a good hour to get out of character.

I have nothing else to bitch or complain about, so I guess that's it for today. Tune in next time when I rail against Florida in a completely random tirade.

:made some edits to show my overall progress Sunday after having two writing sessions.


Anonymous said...

hey I do the same process... hand write in a mead notebook and then transcribe into FD, editing and re-writing a bit as I type. This way the transcribing almost feels like a second draft revision already

JD said...

Exactly. And I find it gets my creative juices flowing more than staring at a blank screen. I can doodle or jot down ideas before I get started.