Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Steroid Over reaction?

I am one of the people who blamed all those gaudy home run numbers on steroids. I still do, I think. But lo and behold, Jason Giambi, the poster boy of steroid abuse(since Bonds is out, "injured") has the same slugging percentage he had two seasons ago when he hit 41 HRs. He now has 18, even after a hideous start this season. Maybe this guy is truly a power hitter. Maybe I was over zealous in my labeling him a big bulbous headed steroid chewing nit wit. I'm beginning to think this whole issue is dead. There are players having huge seasons right now, with steroid testing being randomly applied. Maybe steroids made a slight boost in numbers to great power hitters, but huge power boosts to great contact hitters?

UPDATE 8/03/05: Since this post, Rafeal Palmiero has tested positive for steroids. He was so staunch in his own defense in front of congress, that now he looks like a big time jerk off. Now this makes me wonder. Palmeiro started the season horrendously. It's only been the past month or two that he has hit with any power. Same with Giambi, who is absolutely ripping the ball. Could they have restarted their steroid use after they were randomly tested? It seems very suspicious to me, to say the least. Giambi is now hittin as well as he ever has. Maybe he should be tested again shortly.

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moses said...

the whole steroid thing kinda ticks me off, not so much that people are gonna use them, they just are, or their use cosmically enhances statistics, it does, but that the penalties for using them are so lame. Granted it's getting better, but you gotta drop the hammer on these people.

This coming from a guy who's a bit queasy about external punishment as means of changing internal motivation. But stop the madness.

And I think you might be right about the contact-power hitter thought.