Thursday, July 14, 2005

My Friend Cruise

Thought this was mildly humorous.

Dear *****,

Thank you for taking the OCA Personality Test online with us. Your test has now been processed.

I am contacting you to make an appointment so that one of our evaluators could go over the test result with you, and explain what the graph meant. It appears some aspects of your life are very unsatisfactory, and we can help you regain your focus. Please let me know which day of the week would be better for you so I could help you set up the appointment.

Please note that we are also open on the weekends as well if that makes it more convenient for you.

I look forward hearing back from you.

Best Regard,
- Paul
Scientology Testing Center
1830 E Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL. 32803

Could I be devilish enough to bring a hidden camera there for my meeting?

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Anonymous said...

bring some Ritz's a long flight to Planet Zircon