Monday, August 01, 2005

Long Way Back From Hell

I'm finally back, and just in time to see that I did not make the quaterfinals for Scriptapalooza. Hogwash! Actually, I knew damn well a horror script like mine wouldn't get very far in that contest. Oh well, I still have the Eerie horror contest, which I think I will do much better in. Winners will be announced this week, and I could really use a win here.

As to my previous post, no, I didn't really get a new laptop. I was trying to finish the post while Katie was getting ready, when my mind started to drift into dreamland. I thought, wouldn't it be cool if she came over and gave a new powerbook? But alas, my little story took a grisly turn when she came up behind me and notified me it was time to leave. And she was empty handed. So that's why it read like it did.

I have to start a new script this week. Being in Fort Myers for a few days cleared out all the clutter that can invade a mind that's been much too stimulated, pumping out two screenplays in 3 1/2 weeks. I thought about a lot of my ideas, and also about screenplays I have yet to finish, and a new idea seems to be taking precedent over my old unfinished stories. I hate it when that happens.

Everything is coming together for Generator, the movie. I have just about every role filled, sound guys, producers and locations. All for free. Now I have to get up there and do it. I'm thinking over the Christmas holiday. But the date is TBD. I'm just going to make my own DVDs and sell my movie the old fashioned way, through good old word of mouth. Maybe use the internet to my advantage. I'm going to kick this thing in the ass. Hollywood's not knocking down my door, so maybe I'll just kick theirs down instead.

My Mother wishes I would write short stories instead of screenplays. Like Stephen King. Everyone has an opinion, huh?

I recently purchased a Cyberhome 300 DVD player. There's an easy hack that allows it to play all region dvds. It's a little player, but has progressive scan support, and the all region hack makes it worth the $30 I spent on it. If anyone wants to know the hack, just ask, or Google it, and I'm sure there's a big community that discusses these sorts of things.

If I order a senior citizens meal because I like the platter, shouldn't I be able to get it, even though I'm not a senior? It's the same amount of food either way, so it's not like they would charge more or less. Same with the kids meal. Why can't I order it? They get the same amount of cash either way, and the platter is what I want. Bah! Anyway, that always angers me. It's not like they're cheaper. I don't want the senior discount, just the damn meal!

Picked up Black Christmas yesterday. Will watch it tonight. I can't wait.

And, to reiterate, I hate talking politics, especially on a blog, because it just turns into a debacle everytime. But can these Hollywood shmoes stop bitching and complaining about everything here in America? Just because we are able to speak our minds freely, doesn't necessarily mean we should absolutely fucking do so whenever a camera is shoved in your mug. It gets real tiresome hearing Tim Robbins, or Sean Penn, or Janeane Garafalo just spout what essentially is a company line at this point. Alright already! Everyone knows your stance! Who are you trying to impress? You sound like damn fools. You're spoiled fucking rotten, and yet you complain and whine ten times more than the single parent who is working 80 hour weeks to make ends meet for their children. Go make I Am Sam, Too and leave me be.


John Donald Carlucci said...

Hey guys, I've completed my edits on Extinction Agenda and was wondering who still wanted to read it. Drop me a line off my site.

Anonymous said...

I got one of those unwelcome brainstorm ideas sitting at Borders Saturday. Unwelcome because that is all I have been thinking about, but I need to get this current one done. Just now I did 10 pages so I am taking a break and bloggervatin'. Good luck on the next contest, keep trying.