Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Being Gun Shy With A Gun In Your Face

I have been talking to this guy for about 5 days now. He works for a independent producer, who we'll call Dave. He tells me they have real interest in some kick ass script ideas, and I tell him about my first script, which I always thought would be a great low budget film. He loves the idea, and I sign a non-disclosure agreement with them. Of course, my nerves being rattled at this point, I immediately second guess that decision. I look them both up multiple times on IMDB, and they are who they say they are. The guy I'm talking to is the special effects guy for 'Dave's' productions, which I see actually do exist. I google them several times with different variations, something like "**** ***** scams" or ***** and **** production scams", and nothing negative can be found. I even saved the i.m's, just in case I would need proof of our conversations.

The bottom line is, I have found nothing bad on either of them, they both have credits on IMDB in their respective fields, and my script is registered. Yet, I still am nervous about it.

I think it's time I show them my first born, and see where it goes. It's time to bite the bullet. Even if it's low, low money, if I get a writing credit, I am happy. However, if it's low low money, with no credit at all, it will be a harder decision. Then what? Well, I've decided it's still a sale, no matter how small. I am trying to live as a professional writer, and everyone has to start somewhere. How can I turn down any amount when someone wants to pay for my work?

Hopefully, they will dig the script enough, and then I can give you guys the nitty gritty.


Anonymous said...

yeah, it is exciting though, I am glad you are getting bites and good luck with that

moses said...

best of luck there. nice to have a few nibbles. helps feel like you're not wasting time, I'd imagine.

Matt Reynolds said...

I'd say follow your instincts and figure out what you really want from the experience. When my script was optioned I had to fight really hard for a rewrite, because I wanted the learning experience more than anything else. To begin with the production company said "Here's a story by credit... sign here." And I was like, "No fucking way am I going to sign this." There wasn't a lot of money involved.

If they'd said "here's $50000" maybe I would have thought about it differently but there wasn't, so I pushed for the chance to continue working on the script and fortunately it paid off. Even if the script doesn't get made I feel like it's been a great learning experience.

Anyway, hope it goes well for you.