Wednesday, August 03, 2005

They Deserve It!

Here's my all time If the academy weren't so stuck up, these actors would have been nominated list. These are some of my favorite performances, personally speaking.

1. Jack Nicholson-The Shining
2. Al Pacino-Scarface
3. Donald Pleasance-Halloween
4. Adam Sandler-Punch Drunk Love
5. Steve Buscemi- Reservoir Dogs
6. Tom Cruise-Interview With a Vampire
7. Tim Curry-Clue
8. Jack Black-High Fidelity
9. Robert Deniro-Taxi Driver
10. Robert Deniro-Goodfellas

Any others?


Anonymous said...

Al is one of my faves, so I looked him to see what he is doing and wtf? A new Scarface sequel? Doesn't say much

JD said...

That's the video game. I can't believe he added his voice to it. Having said that, I'm immensly interested now. :)

There is talk of a Taxi Driver sequel with Deniro and Scorsese collaberating. I am extremely luke warm towards that idea..

BeckEye said...

Jack Nicholson absolutely made The Shining. No one could've played that role better. You know it just struck me watching Jerry Maguire the other night (a movie that I do actually like) that Tom Cruise was trying to channel Jack during the scene in the bathroom where he was punching at the air, getting all frustrated. He didn't pull it off though. I think Tommy boy likes to think he's Jack and Robert DeNiro all rolled up in one super-handsome package. If that's the case, he desperately needs the medication he believes to be a sham.

Anonymous said...

if Paul Schrader is involved again it has possibilities though

moses said...

the Taxi Driver one always puzzles me. This isn't exactly on target but I thought Paul Newman got screwed with no Oscar for Nobody's Fool. God I love that role.

I'd have to say luke warm also. But if, like Moviequill says, their all involved, might be good. A ton of talent there.

JD said...

But what's the story? I always felt Taxi Driver had the perfect ending. You just knew he would continue on his way, and may explode again as the city got worse and worse. Are we going to see him get pissed off again? To me, that's not worth it. Put all that talent to an original story, and I'll be very excited. It's about time Deniro, Pesci, Nicholas Pileggi and Scorsese get together, isn't it?