Thursday, August 18, 2005

Looking California, Feeling New Jersey

It is set in stone I'm heading back to Jersey, the place I vacated almost two years ago. I lived in Jersey all my life until that fateful day, Jan 23rd, 2004. Now, at the behest of my girlfriend, I'm off to home base in October. Good news and bad news. All my buddies are up there, and I could really use a drink. Afraid 'have a drink' will turn into too many lost weekends. Don't get me wrong, I love getting a nice buzz going, and I even love just drinking a weekend away every now and then.

But I have that gene, the one that says, "So you had 18 beers and 18 shots? Try for 24!" So do my friends. Well, the few that aren't married, that is. I believe the crew is now split 50/50 between married/not. I guess I fall on both sides, since I have a long relationship, but am not hitched up. At any rate, my main goal is to shoot my horror movie, and kick ass promoting it myself. And it appears the next half year is set up for great things. I believe the move down here has done some good. I came down here with no scripts finished, and ended up with 5. And I'm working on another 5. I think it helped me focus, which is hard to do when you're stuck in the same old habits, with the same old people, even if they're great people. We shall see how it ends up.


John Donald Carlucci said...

Moving forward is always the goal JD. You'll probably be in LA around the same time the rest of us get there. That's kinda cool with all of us doing a lemming rush at the same time :)


JD said...

JDC: It will be cool if we were all out there at the same time. Hell, I'll look you guys up, and we'll start a writing group. I think it would help all of us with the move if we felt we knew somebody, relatively speaking. I figure a year to a year and a half to finish my movie, and then I'm heading west.