Monday, August 15, 2005

My Hand Is A Sore, Ugly, Stiff, Claw

I finished DIRT. tonight! Hand wrote 94 pages the last two days. My hand is a bloody mess. But anyway, I haven't updated the progress bar since it's not in FD yet, thereby preventing me from getting a final page count. But I'll go ahead and max out the bar and we can get back to that. 12 days, so many some-odd pages.

Time to play with Madden, the cat!


The Awful Writer said...

Why do you write in long hand? Why not just type it directly into the computer? I'm not criticizing, just curious.

Anonymous said...

I do the same, I work it out in Mead notebooks first. I don't like the script cards function in FD, I'r rather flip through my notes: Character histories, main plot ideas, lines of dialogue to work in etc...congrats on finishing

JD said...

AW:I use my notebook as a first draft, then make revisions as I type it into Final Draft. It kind of kills two birds with one stone for me. The up side being a more polished script. Plus, believe it or not, I feel more creative when I'm actually writing then when I'm typing.

MQ:The notes are a big reason why I stick to writing everything out, too. I always have little blurbs that I want put into a specific scene, and it's just easier to have it all spread out before me.


The Awful Writer said...

I've been writing my notes and outline directly on my laptop using the freeware program KeyNote. I have such bad penmanship I can't imagine ever writing much in longhand. But that's just me. To each his own.

JD said...

My handwriting is atrocious, legible only to me. When I actually write it out, it clicks better in my caveman brain I guess.

Matt Reynolds said...

I used to write in long hand but it's just so damn time consuming and my hand hurts. I index card long hand though.

Congrats on reaching the first finish line.