Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Time To Get ill?

I've been feeling like shit lately, and I think it's because I'm not writing. I'm told when I'm writing I'm nowhere near as hostile or depressed. Maybe it's the mark of a real writer-writing is the only undertaking that makes me whole. At any rate, whatever it is, I best embark on a new project soon. I'm thinking my grungy epic, DIRT. to be the next in line. It really deserves to be finished. A lot of people are waiting to read it. Anyway, that's the way I'm leaning.

Directed by: Bob Clark (A Christmas Story, Deathdream, Porky's)

Overall, a damn fine stalker/slasher pic. A lot of Carpenter's Halloween was ripped directly from this film. And you'll know it. There are some spine tingling scenes, especially during the last half hour that are really effective. Another film ripped this one off badly, but I won't mention which. If you saw that movie, then the main twist is easy to spot in B.C. It's really a shame. I saw this 'other' movie many years ago, but it almost ruined Black Christmas for me. At any rate, you will still be entertained, as I was, even if you know the deal.

GORE: Less is more approach. Works well. 7/10
STORY: Very well done. Too bad it's been done several times since, dampening the overall effect. 6.5/10
ACTING: Very low key, and real. No melodrama here. 8/10
MUSIC/SCORE: Also low key. Some kind of distorted piano. Works pretty well. 8/10
SCARE FACTOR: There are more freaky moments than outright scares. The end gets intense though. 7.5/10
OVERALL: Cool little horror movie ahead of its time. Worthy of any film addicts collection. 7.4/10


Matt Reynolds said...

Like the rating system.

Are you into some of the chessy, not-really-scary-at-all horror movies from the 50s and 60s? StraightJacket starring Joan Crawford is a favorite of mine. Check it out sometime http://www.joancrawfordbest.com/filmsstrait.htm

Anonymous said...

my fave scary classic horror is the Vincent Price one where he killed people according to the 7 deadly sins or something? and I think he used Shakespeare quotes too...the name escapes me

The Constipated Writer said...

MR-I like a lot of old horror, but not really cheesy ones, yet. Right now, I'm going through my Italian faze, like Mario Bava.

MQ-I like Vincent Price, especially his Poe movies with Roger Corman.