Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mmm Bop

I decided to scrap my daily round up style in favor of my more natural- throw a few updates in the blog here and there, instead of one novel sized. Too much writing, especially when I'm writing.

In any event, I might finish my script today. Don't let the progress bar fool ya, I haven't typed all of my chicken scratch into Final Draft yet. If I do finish today, it'll be 12 overall days, which includes two days in which I did nothing.

I have been on a Nintendo kick on eBay. Right now, I'm trying for my favorite system of all time, Super Nintendo, for $20. Plus I've been playing my old NES and N64. Just a phase I go through from time to time.

I figured out a way to save money. Here's the basic idea, which can be formulated to fit any item. I bought Baldur's Gate a few months back for 99 cents. It's a 6 year old game. But it's new to me. Maybe if I stay back one full cycle of releases on electronics, I'll save a ton of cash. For instance, I haven't got a flat screen monitor. I think I can get one for under $100. If I had tried 3 years ago, we're talking $999. If I could just put new product out of my mind, I think I could be very happy. And there's your tip of the day-be content with what you have, until what you don't have costs as much as what you do have cost when originally purchased.

Time to write!