Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dear Mr. Chuck Palahniuk

A man can share a beer with another man without it being a homosexual act. He can look after another man without it being a homosexual act. He can even be jealous of another man without it being a homosexual act.

None of the above points to homosexual tendencies. Unless, apparently, you are a homosexual.

That is all.


TN_Dreamer said...

Don't you wonder about the ones who seem to find homosexuality in everything? hmmm, anything you want to share, chuck?

JD said...

He apparently did share it, unbeknownst to me. I found he called into a radio show and outed himself, because he thought a magazine was going to do it.

But I thought soemthing was up before that, when listening to the Fight Club commentary between he and screenwriter Jim Uhls. The scene where 'Jack' hands Tyler the beer and says 'we should do this again', Chuck says on the commentary: "I can't believe you guys kept that! It's such a homosexual act."(paraphrase)/ To which Jim Uhls hemmed and hawed, obviously not knowing what to say, since he himself didn't envision it that way.

I just found it curious, especially given the fact that 'Jack' and Tyler aren't exactly two men in the first place.

I can state with a boatload of conviction: I have shared a bottle of beer with a friend. I have shared a bottle of whiskey with a friend. I have become enraged when I see a friend is being led awayt from me by a woman, and I have been jealous of my friends relationship. And my friends and I are in no way gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

TN_Dreamer said...

lol, too funny that he actually outed himself. & really, if you can't be gay safely in Hollywood, where can you?

Anonymous said...

what I love the most about Fight Club is that Chuckie went out into the undeground trenches of his hometown as 'Nick' and actually did that shit, get into fights n stuff...he is wicked

JD said...

MQ: That's cool. He seems a little out there to begin with. He basically says everything in the book is from something that happened to him or his friends.

John Donald Carlucci said...

From watching him during tv appearances I just thought he was gay. I didn't realize he had not been out.


JD said...

I had never seen him interviewed, so the commentary for Fight Club was the first time I heard him. He made it quite obvious he was gay by his comments.