Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dirty Black Summer

*Time to get back in the flow. That vacation to FT. Myers was the death of me. So I'm going to re-start Dirt. tonight. It's at 31 pages, so I figure my 10 day program will be fine. Although, I do anticipate this epic being, well, epic. Which to me means over 120 pages. We shall see how it goes. I'm kind of forcing myself to do something. My cloud of depression is darkening daily, so basically I must begin a new project. *

*Over at The Moviequill, there's a blog about character names. I never realized the amount of thought that goes into things like that. Then I wondered why I haven't had those marathon sessions of "This name sucks!", tossing it for another and another. Then it occurred to me as I went over my scripts. I'm damn good at naming things. Really, this is not to brag, because I don't consider it brag-worthy. But I have always named my scripts, characters, poems and songs without much hassle.

It's really a stupid thing to say, but I have a weird ability to see into the core of what or who I'm writing, and the name just pops out at me. For instance, I was writing dialogue for a barber. I thought, I better name him before I get too far in. Banks MCgovern appears in my head. And it was perfect for that character. In my screenplay, Killer Is Me(named after a song, of course), the serial killer is Seth Panski. In fact, I've personally used that name since. Only when I'm on a murdering spree. Just kidding. I think. Yes, of course I am. I guess the moral of this self congratulatory post is, everyone has a different base skill set when they begin. I consider mine naming things and dialogue.(yippee fucking yay) Others may be description and perfect format. Timing and structure. And that's interesting to me, I guess. Nobody else gives a damn, but that's fine too, because my other skill is entertaining myself.*

*Hell's Kitchen was awesome, by the by. I don't know if anyone watched it, but I really was intrigued by the contests, and by Chef Ramsey, of course. Him and I have the same approach to the world, I think. Wouldn't mind having a pint with him at the local pub. Not that Florida knows what a pub is, mind you. This brings me to my dream actors for my yet to be written gangster movie-Russell Crow and Collin Farrell. What a time to be had by all! I would get along royally with them. And probably engage in a few fist a cuffs after drinking too long. But hey, it'll all be in good fun.*

*And now back to stifling reality. Thank you, come again.*

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Anonymous said...

coincidentally the script I am writing now has a barber in it (no really) but he works for the Underworld..I named him Vinnie. I keep a notebook for names and titles, I'll hear someone say something and that lightbulb goes off...damn thing