Sunday, August 21, 2005

Nobody Agrees On Anything Anymore

I'm window shopping for a new toy, a DV camera to shoot my feature with. I've been leaning towards the Panasonic DVX100a for awhile now. Once I mention that to people, they say "How about the Canon XL2?" Okay. But it's pricier, and yeah, it has the ability to change lenses, but the lenses are a couple of thousand each, and I highly doubt I'll buy one for this shoot. Other than that, I think the DVX has everything going for it. Until I saw the new Panasonic. Good God, is it a thing of beauty. Real native 16:9, 24p shooting. HD. And a price tag double that of the DVX. So needless to say, everyone is giving me different suggestions so that I don't even know why I wanted the DVX in the first place.

Can't we all just get along?


Cecil E. Rudd said...

Ahhh, the DV camera argument. I was looking into picking up one of these myself, as I will be shooting my own film soon. *crosses his fingers*

I was all about the Canon XL2 until someone told be about the DVX100a, that bastard. This was about when all the HDV hoopla was starting.

I would get the canon XL2 because of the ability to change the lenses. You could easily rent the lens you need. I think people take up to much time trying to pick the right camera, they will all get the job done. If you do get one move back to Jersey and let me use it until I get mine.

Matt Reynolds said...

Talking of renting. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just rent the camera rather than buy it?

JD said...

It would be cheaper, probably. The problem is, I have specific times to shoot, and it may be over a few months. I don't want the bother of renting a camera each time. Besides, I have a $4000 budget for a camera, so I might as well use it. :)