Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gah Dang It

I just came up with the best opening credit sequence for Generator. It's so damn perfect, I wish I could film it tomorrow! Arg! The locations are all set, as are the crew and actors...the film is about ready to go! (If I ever finish those infernal storyboards!)


I'm moving back to the mothership around the 20th, and I can't wait. Then I can really dig into preproduction. I can actually go to the location, instead of going off memory. I can meet with a special FX person instead of exchanging emails. I can test them to see if they can do a head cast. (and really, there's nothing better than that!) I can meet up with Chris the composer and show him the deal-take him out for a few beers and explain my vision.(we'll have to work out arrangements sir) So much excitement!


Bye Bye Florida, I hardly knew ye, and the little I do know left thou with a bitter taste in thy mouth of thee...um, yeah.

Best things about Florida: 70 degrees in Winter. 24 hour beer supply. No pigs bothered me. All fast food joints take credit.

Worst things about FL: English is an antiquated notion apparently. The roads are like Thunderdome-anything goes! No discernible speed limit-left lane is evidently not for passing in this state. Horrible recycled water smell when sprinklers turn on, which is basically 4 times a day for 11 3/4 months. Yet, they don't require any other recycling-for shame. Violent crime is either the worst of any city area, or the news only covers violent crime. Either way, it's scary and depressing...and Taxi Driver persona inducing. Too many idiots who want to race their Hyundai. Too many idiots who want to race their Honda Civic. Too many idiots that want to put loud mufflers on toy cars. Not nearly enough idiots dead on black top.