Sunday, January 15, 2006

Camera Get

The Panasonic appeared at my door on Thursday, and to be honest, I have no idea what I'm dealing with. I'm kind of timid with it, with all the customization that can be done. So I'm writing a short that I can film over a weekend. It's a nightmare I had for about a week straight a few months ago. A women is sitting on a grave stone in a cemetery, and I'm in the distance staring at her. She starts screaming at me with the most anguished face I've ever seen. But I can't hear her. Everything is silent. Then it's like everything is moving too slow. I start seeing everything in grey tones. I feel a presence behind me, but I'm too afraid to turn around.

I am suddenly in a bathtub. Someone opens the door to the bathroom and walks in, and it's me. I reach out, and there's blood running down my arm. The other me backs away horrified, I get a glimpse of me dead in the tub, or someone I think is me, almost like a camera flash. Then I wake up.

So, that is how I plan on testing out the camera.


Grubber said...

You're going for that all important G rating then? :)

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christopher said...

i assume you got the camera to shoot 'generator'? is this a dvx100? there are some excellent mods you can get for the camera. the micro35 lens adapter and the andromeda uncompressed hd capture mod.

lets us know how things go with the short. love hearing the progress of other filmmakers. i'm finishing up the script for my short right now and hope to jump into prepro soon.

JD said...

Grub-Yeah, I figured why go through all the red tape..I'll just label it Disney.

Chris-I think I'm going to get the anamorphic adapter, because I really want true widescreen. Other than that, I'm not sure yet. We'll see how this short goes.