Monday, January 23, 2006


In the past two weeks, I have acquired the Panny camera, Sony Vegas 6.0 editing software, Sony DVD Architect 3.0 , Adobe After Effects, Sound Forge 7.0 and Acid Pro 5.0. And I'm slightly bedazzled with all of it. I'm going through some old tapes with Vegas so I can get the hang of it, and I'm fairly acclimated with non linear editing systems, so it's been an okay experience. The others are confusing as all hell. I made one cool song with Acid, but I always feel I need more loops, beats and samples. I don't think it'll work for scoring my film, though there is a package available for movie scores specifically. I'll try that out when I get more money.

If someone can tell me the difference between Sound Forge and Acid, that would be much appreciated. The PDF manuals are over 300 pages a piece, so I don't feel like going through them if I don't have to.

I also bought three Criterion Collection Dvds-Peeping Tom, Shock Corridor and Brazil. Oh yeah, and Blood and Black Lace:Slashers Edition.

And with all this gluttonous behavior, guess how much actual work I got done? Nada. Of course that's the point-I buy all these materials(well, not all are purchased) I don't need to keep the focus off of my actual work, which as far as I'm concerned is writing. Until I get to direct my film, I had better make use of the time for preproduction. It kind of sucks I'm STILL in FL, since everyone and everything involved with production is in NJ.

I might set up my IMDB page for Generator, though I'll have no pictures to put up yet. Not sure how it works, but that's my first order of business-internet visibility, even if in text only.

Arg! I want to get started!


SteveTP said...

Soundforge is essentially for editing and mastering - In my experience you record your tracks (however many) Sweeten them in Soundforge (bump up gain/high end/low end whatever). Then mix all those suckers and add panning/whatever in Acid. It's all pretty subtle and the lines do tend to blur from person to person with regards to how they use each program in my experience...
Looking for a good multi-track (pro-tools-ish) recorder? Try Sonar.

JD said...

Welcome STp. Looking into Sonar now.:)