Monday, January 02, 2006

The World Is A Toilet Pt 2-The Nonbelievers Close To Home

YOU ARE DELUSIONAL! So says my girlfriend. Nice huh? Apparently I am so out of touch with the real world that I just assume support for my movie. For instance, she thinks I'm assuming the location will be granted to me. How dare I! I do assume that since the location is my stepfathers business/warehouse. I'm delusional because I wrote in a house location patterned after my best friend of 20 years home. I do assume he would allow me to film there for a couple of weekends, but any home would do. I am quite delusional because making a film while working during the week will be too taxing on me. I am only going to be filming on Sundays, and the odd Sat. night. I don't think that will hurt me too much. She says nobody makes it in this business. Nobody makes it in this business if they don't have the drive and passion to continue at all costs. You can't be a General, or a leader when you're not paying people. I can if I inspire people to believe in the project. That's what a good General, or any leader for that matter, does-inspires.

In other words, I am going up a snow covered mountain with none of the fancy survival gear. Interesting...that's how I would have described my life prior to this endeavor.


Anonymous said...

don't compromise or cut corners..write it the way you want...they won't reject it because of a location question, considering they'll eviscerate it anyway

Tim Clague said...

Your girlfriend is right. We all know that. But we ALL do it anyway. So there! What's the alternative? Do nothing all your life?