Friday, January 20, 2006

My Star Has Walked Off The Set!

My sister was playing the female lead in Generator, but she has since been confirmed to be pregnant. Not only am I due to be an Uncle, but I am now searching for a replacement. How unfortunate for me. Well, Uncle J is putting a call out there for any women who think they can sacrifice 1-2 days per week out of their busy schedule, and act in the process. Oh yeah, you'll have to around the NJ/Philly area. Come and get your chance to ...get all bloodied up.

Burn Hollywood Burn! Remakes aplenty! The Last House On The Left, The Hills Have Eyes, Black Christmas, Halloween, Day Of The Dead, Rosemary's Baby, The Wicker Man, The Omen, The Thing, When A Stranger Calls, Friday The 13th, Dressed To Kill and many more! Go support these masterpieces you vermin! Seriously, it sickens me. People say get over it, but why should I? It's like my entire life is becoming on horrible Moby remix, complete with obligatory mid 'song' rap. And there are plenty of writers out there who would give up their script for rather cheap just to have a shot of getting it made. (me included) Instead they sink 20-30 million into each one of these abominations, just hoping the opening weekend will get them even. And it does, because there are enough idiots out there willing to shell out $8 just so they can complain on friggin, I don't know, IMDB about how horrible the film was. Well no shit moron! Save your money and complain about the movies existence, not the end result! Too many dumb shits on this planet.

I have to say that I am finally moving back to NJ around February 17th. We got a condo in my old stomping grounds, for pretty damn cheap too. We'll stay there for 5 years(I was hoping more like 3, but whatever), then sell and perhaps move to LA. Though truthfully, I am more intrigued by actually making my own scripts into films than trying to shill them to uninterested parties who don't like anything they can't do themselves. We'll see how my first film goes, because that will go a long way into deciding my future. I understand the you have to be there to get in mentality, but not if you're actually making films. So amazingly, my focus has changed 180 degrees from a year ago where it was a far gone conclusion I was headed west immediately. Nothing to do now but shite or get off the potty.


Patrick J. Rodio said...

Where in NJ are you filming?

I know a lot of actors who would most likely help you out with this, males and females. I'd only recommended the ones I've worked with in the past, there are plenty around here.

How old is the actress you need? Any other roles need filling?

JD said...

Right in Collingswood! There's a warehouse for a construction company I used to work at right on RT. 130, right by Black Horse Pike, and that's where about 70% will, be filmed. The other 30% will be a buddies house, and one litle trip to Wawa.

The actress could be anywhere from 25 to 35, but if she's 35, she has to appear younger rather than older. I may have other roles, maybe bit parts, but who knows/ I'm always thinking of great scenes I'd like to add. I may need some crew too, depending onhow everything shakes out.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I haven't shot anything in 2 years, but still talk to a good core group of crew people (I've got a decent DP at my disposal).

As for an actress around that age, no problem. I've worked with several. I've got HUNDREDS of headshots, too, but some may be dated. List something on and you'll get a bunch, but I can easily throw you some names of good local gals. Let me know.

You may have already stated this, but when are you shooting? I'd help anyway I can, or just stop by and stare.

JD said...

Cool. I'll definitely let you know if I need anyone/thing once I get people officially signed on, or not. I think I'm going to be the camera Op, though it's only because I know what I want, and I figured it's easier that way. I could probably use a sound guy, honestly. And maybe someone to help me setup lighting, since I have a whole Suspiria motiff going.

I'm looking to start early April, and looking to finish October. I'll only be shooting 1 day, possible two a week, so it'll end up being around around 25-30 days of shooting all told. I'd like to have the film copmpletely finished by Christmas 06.

Tim Clague said...

Always agree with you re: remakes. What a waste of everyone involved. My answer is always the same though. Do something else. If cinema is just going to do remakes let's do something else - TV, web videos, video blogs etc. Make your own path,