Sunday, January 08, 2006

Blood And Guts-For A Fee

I wrote a certain special FX/Makeup company about my film, and sent them the script. Here's the response email, with some funny FX shots described. The **** represents my editing, as I didn't want to give certain shots away.

Thanks for sending me the script for "Generator". As a horror fan, I really enjoyed the plot, and was very intrigued by the effects involved in the film. I broke the script down into most of the effects I would need to fabricate. There are a lot of prop pieces that can be casted off of the actors, and others that can be bought easily and dressed. Below is a list of the effects I saw in the script.

Prosthetic Neck
Fake Sledgehammer
Fake Wrist and Hand
Bruised girl
Platter of meat?
Statue's arms
Fake Head for **** Drilled ***
Body Parts
Mary Hexan - Swollen Eye Piece
Scalp props
Miscellaneous Guts
Fake Torso - Circular Saw
Fake Arm
Metal Poker Prop
Rotted Face In Plastic Bag
**** Wound in Thigh
Fingers and Eyeballs Props
Scalp of Mary Hexan - Wig
Fake ******** Leg - Sawzall
Severed Foot In ****
Screwdriver to ***
Pickaxe to head - Fake Head
Hatchet dismemberment ** ******** **** **********
Dagger to ****** back
Pickaxe through ****** *** **********

If there are any that are being handled by art department or wardrobe, please let me know. I can provide all of the effects listed below by March for the pre-production cost of **** ******** dollars. My day rate on set is **** ******* dollars per 12 hours of shooting, and this includes on set supplies. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. This sounds like an awesome script, and would love to be a part of it.

Thanks again for the opportunity.


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christopher said...

so is this a film you're actually making? love to hear about it.