Monday, February 06, 2006

Generator Update

#1) Metallica have kindly given us clearance to outfit one of the main characters in Generator with an...And Justice For All T shirt. Damn nice of them too, as I was expecting a 'no', or a huge charge. So that's awesome. (Intellectual property garbage is a pain in the ass-you can't have anything in your film without an okay...yes even clothes.) Justice is perhaps my favorite album of all time, bar none. Yeah ye yeah!!

#2) I created the Generator page for IMDB, and it's been submitted. I am currently awaiting approval, which I assume will be forthcoming. I offered all the information they ask for, with the exception of Distributor, Official site and a third party site link. Since I listed it as being in pre production, I don't think it should be a problem. And since it's truly in pre-production, I would hope they would allow it. So that just about kicks ass. Can't wait to lure private investors in through IMDB. (Hint: Professionals you may approach about investing are easily impressed by an IMDB listing-it makes the film real, even if you haven't shot one inch of footage! One of their first questions is "are you on IMDB?" Now I can say YES. Thank you Eli Roth for that one!) Now all I got to do is take some freaky stills to submit, and create a trailer. What a great day today was! I wish it was Groundhog Day!