Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Generator Update Part 2

Adidas have allowed us to use their clothing for the lead actress, for free once again. Metallica and Adidas are going to get very special thanks from Damage Done Productions, that's for sure.

She will be sporting a green Adidas, 80's style jumper/track suit.


SteveTP said...

I'm gonna have a lot of fun following the progress of Generator! Be sure and keep me posted here man! A daily production diary maybe? This stuff is GOLD!


JD said...

Yes, a daily diary is in the cards. I may go all Kevin Smith and give some snippets of behind the scenes video as well. (We're doing an extensive behind the scenes doc following us from day 1) However, that probably won't be here on my blog. Where will it be? I can't say anything yet, but I have ideas.

SteveTP said...


If you're looking for deisgn concepts - give me some idea of the look you're trying to achieve and i'll see what i can do ;)