Wednesday, February 15, 2006

F*ck Me! Pay You!

My production chart for Generator is now listed in Variety. Next up, IMDB-fascist punks.

The script is about as far along as I want it to be at this point. I want to add two more sequences I have been thinking up, but finding the right spot to insert them has been troublesome. There's one scene I am probably going to tear out of the script as soon as the new two are cut in. Other than that, the rewrite process is a done deal. ...for now. Since I'll have 6 days in between each day of shooting, I can see me fiddling around with the coming weeks material, but for now, it's about done.

Just thought I would add, I payed IMDB for the PRO membership, and again was turned down. I'm coming back with an arm full of Variety suckers, and they had best follow their own guidelines and submit it. They had best! V for Variety