Friday, February 10, 2006

"We Will Not List Your Film...Unless You Have $13 A Month"

IMDB apparently does accept independent films in early stages of production. They even accept titles from newly formed production companies. You just have to join IMDBPro. If it was about the money, couldn't they just tell me that in the beginning? Anyway, we'll see if my film meets the criteria for it, because I'm going to suck it up and join. If it goes through, it'll be the best money I ever spent. Aside from that time I bought microdots with Christian...ah, the good old days.

Edit: I may be getting my production chart published in The Hollywood Reporter, which would knock down the barrier that is IMDB. I don't want to jinx it right now, but stay tuned.


Patrick J. Rodio said...

I've had a production listing in Hollywood Reporter, be prepared for an onslaught of crew/cast contacting you (I also used to get hundreds of CDs from musicians, too).

Is the IMDB charge a new thing? I've had about 4 projects listed on IMDB and never had to pay, but I haven't listed anything in like 2 years, so maybe it's new.

JD said...

They're saying it's because it's an indie film in pre-production, which they don't normally accept(which I'm sure is horseshit). But with IMDBPro, their guidelines are more lenient. So basically, if you pay, you play. Which is fine, if they would just say so from the jump. However, a listing in Hollywood Reporter automatically gets me in.

Vu said...

...but to get listed on Hollywood Reporter, don't you also have to be a subscriber?

JD said...

At the time I wrote this (06), all you needed was to submit a press release and the Hollywood Reporter/Variety would publish it.

Not sure how it works now.