Saturday, February 11, 2006

For Those Who Wondered "WTF Is A RotoZip ?"

In my script, I often mention name brand tools, but since people don't have the background I do , which is in construction, they have no clue what's happening in the scene. Well fear not, here are a few examples of said tools:

#1-The Rotozip-Rotozip is a brand name, under Bosch tools, which specializes in small hand saws. Here is an example of tools that might fall under the RZ name:

A small circular saw and grinder which pretty much works for everything from ceramic tile to wood.

#2-This is the famous Rotozip I describe in the script, however, I had to use the Porter Cable brand since I couldn't get a good pic:

This is my favorite. It fits in the palm of your hand, making it really f'n convenient. We use this for cutting around electrical boxes, or for cutting the openings for the boxes into the sheet rock before we hang it. This is one of the tools described in the script. :)

#3-The following bad boy is a mini rotating saw. The blade rotates in a two inch circumference, creating nice circular holes in wood for whatever you may need them for. This thing is nasty.

#4-Another personal favorite-The Sawzall. Sawzall is a Milwaukee tools trademark, I think, but we call every make and model a Sawzall, so I'm not sure. At any rate, this fucker will cut through anything. The blade pumps back and forth real fast, but you can control the speed. You can also change the blades for cutting metal, wood, tile, sheet rock, skin and

So there you have it. Makes reading my script a little more logical...and disgusting, eh?

And yes, I am trying to gain clearance to use the actual tools I put in the script. :)


Matt Reynolds said...

Good luck with the shoot my man. When are you going to shoot this motherfucker? (sorry, I'm too drunk to read all your posts).

JD said...

Thanks. I hope to begin in Mid April and completely finish by the new year.