Thursday, September 22, 2005

Time To Pop Out A Baby

Hellfire is holding a short horror script contest, in which the top 4 are melded into a DVD film, ala Creepshow. They recommend 20 pages. I'm ready to rummage through my smaller ideas that I haven't fleshed out into full fledged screenplays yet and cram out an entry just before the deadline, which is the 30th, if I'm not mistaken.

Go enter now! (you should be writing anyway!)


Anonymous said...

it's official, you've been spammed (hands him a towel)

JD said...

Yep, tis a sad day.

Gary said...

I think I'm going to pop out a baby myself.

I have a short I wrote back in June that I was going to direct for another competition but we used another idea instead.

Guess I'll be going up against you then... Good luck!