Saturday, September 24, 2005

It's A Small World...Of Losers

I have been using the term ridiculi for years now...just because I liked how it sounded, and never heard anyone else say it. Ever. I do tend to make up my own vocabulary on the fly. Something just strikes my fancy, and I just throw it out there.

Imagine my surprise when I visited the Urban Dictionary, and found my word in there?! RIDICULI

How dare they! I am so brilliant, that I came up with this monstrosity of a word, and they've stolen it!

But seriously, if you ever wonder if your idea is the only one of that sort at any given time, at any place, forget it. We all talk, think and speak the freaking same. Nothings original. Which is a scary thought, since we're supposed to be creating story's.

It appears to me, it's all a race to see who can get their identical ideas out there first. Like this, for instance: POE

I was hard at work, thinking how I was going to write my Edgar Allan Poe bio pic. I was knee deep in my minds outline, ready to put pen to paper when I stumbled across this massacre. I love Poe, and really wanted to write about him. I thought, There can't be another soul out there doing a Poe script. The guys been dead for about 160 years...what are the odds someone would finally devise the perfect idea for a film? Well, there you have it. And what are the frigging odds it would be Sly Stallone? Ugh....


BeckEye said...

A movie about Poe directed by Sylvester Stallone?? I have to use your word here and say that is totally ridiculi. I wonder if the movie Edgar will use the phrase "Kentucky Fried idiot". I think he should.

I can't totally pick on Sly though...he did direct Staying Alive. And people can pick on that movie as much as they want, I love it. John Travolta in a loincloth. There hasn't been too much on the big screen before or since that has, uh, moved me quite like that.

JD said...

I like Sly enough. He is from my area up north after all, but man, he is really going to have to pull this one out of his ass...I just can't fathom him doing Poe justice. But who knows, maybe he's as passionate about Edgar as I am.

Shawna said...

I read a spec a couple of years ago that was circulating -- can't remember the title -- but it was about Poe's last days. It has stayed with me two years later because it was just that good. I don't know if it ever got optioned, but it should be, because it was awesome.

Not to put you off your dream of writing a Poe film. After all, how many movies do we have about Shakespeare...?

Anonymous said...

Sly supposedly wrote it ten years ago and it's taken this long to get around to where it has a shot of being made