Friday, September 23, 2005

Posting Extravaganza (Because I'm Drunk And It's 2:40 AM!)

Anyone enjoy Moonlighting? I just recently purchased seasons 1&2, and I love 'em. I used to watch it back when I was maybe 12-13. I thought Addison was hilarious then, and I think it now, too.

But one thing has me puzzled. What kind of kid was I, watching Moonlighting? It doesn't seem I was the target demographic. Come to think of it, I watched Cheers at that time to. Maybe it's the humor-both shows had the cocky/sarcastic male lead in Sam Malone and David Addison. Maybe it's the promise of relationship-and denial of said relationship- in both-Maddie and David, Sam and Diane? The game, if you will. But why the hell would that interest me when I was 12?

Dammit mom, you had to make me watch Luke and Laura on General Hospital, didn't you?! That must be it. Too much female supervision. Oh well. Maybe it just reflects my polished sense of humor? Yes, that's it.

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writergurl said...

Maybe you liked "Moonlighting" cause Bruce was a smart ass, and Cybil was just hot.

It was a funny show. Too bad there's nothing liek it on tv anymore. All we have are those God awful "reality" shows and cops dramas. Seriously, how many damn CSI's and L&O's do we need?

Nice blog by the by. ;)