Monday, September 19, 2005

Busy Doing Nothing, Or Something...

I must have the Summer burn out. I just don't have the fire to blog right now. I have my move coming up in a month or so, plus I'm intermittently doing my Generator Storyboards. Plus trying to find a new script to begin so that I won't be a miserable prick anymore.

So, since I am the laziest man alive right now, I will ask a question: On a desert island,(with a generator, tv and DVD player) you are allowed 5 DVDs. What do you bring, and why?

Mine are as follows:

1. The Breakfast Club-Rarely has a movie left me feeling so satisfied, for so long. I first watched this movie on VHS in about '87. I was enthralled with the hilarious back and forth dialogue, which was more intelligent than usual 'teen film' fare. The interaction of the characters was great. Some say they were stereotypical characters, but that was the point in the beginning of the film. By the end, they are all the same-lost teen agers. And it holds up very well for me, still being one of my favorite films.

2. The Shining-This is a must watch for me. It moves at a snails pace, and I love it. The camera slowly reveals things were not sure we're ready for. The music grates on the frayed end of each nerve, adding to the building tension. And we have an Oscar worthy performance from Nicholson. The scene with the bartender alone makes this disc worthy of inclusion.

3. Divorce, Italian Style-I have yet to see a dark comedy meet the standard of this one. It is hysterical, and plain awful. One of the funniest movies I have ever seen.

4. Pulp Fiction-I almost went with True Romance, but this is the pinnacle movie in QT's career thus far. I enjoy quoting it the most too. Any movie that has a line: "Oh shit, I shot Marvin in the face" is alright in my book.

5. Casino-It was tough for me to pick a Scorsese film and not take one of the three elite-Taxi Driver, Raging Bull or Goodfellas. But I find Casino more enjoyable, although a step down from those overall. I just think it's endlessly watchable. Faults and all.

Honorable mentions: High Fidelity, Deep Red, Clerks, Boogie Nights, Fright Night, April Fools Day, Magnolia, Fight Club, Mulholland Drive, The Game.


Grubber said...

1. The Island - so I have something to bitch about when I am on the island.

2. Apolla 13, so I remember never to give up.

3. Gigli- to remind me I am really not missing that much.

4. The Best of Jerry Springer - to reinforce what I am not missing(I expect to be delusional, so will require this extra bit of convincing).

5. Porn - hey you did not say my wife was coming with me, so you have to improvise. Of course you could just take Showgirls for a laugh(especially if someone else becomes marooned with you...."great you have a TV, DVD and electricity so what we watching"......the look on their face when you say Showgirls would be enough to sustain me for at least another 6 months.) ;-)

John Donald Carlucci said...

1. Legend of the Drunken Master - Jackie Chan in one of his funniest and most action packed films for me. Chan seems at his most comfortable playing Wong Fei Hung in this film and it features the most fantastic action scene when he is attacked by hundreds of ax swinging gang members.

This film reminds me that you can find the exact spot you should be in the universe if you are true to your own vision. Chan clicked here for me and never stopped running once he hit the ground.

2. Firefly - The boxset that shows what Whedon is like when he write adults for adults.

This is where I learned you can deal with very adult themes and your hero can be a VERY multi-leveled person who isn't always a hero, but still be FULL of action. I know many writers have built complex characters, but Whedon's universe just clicks for me as everything just working right.

3. Star Trek II - The film that reminds me how much I love Kirk and the gang and how far astray the ST universe went (a big fuck you to Berman and gang).

Kirk is Kirk once again. My childhood god is back.

4. Gunga Din - The buddy-film to end all buddy-films. Cary Grant is amazing in this one kids.

5. To Cast a Deadly Spell - Fred Ward as Detective HP Lovecraft. A period piece that brings the Old Ones to 1940s noir Hollywood. Damn, this film is fun.

I love anyfilm where the maddness of Lovecraft can peek in and the filmmaker loves the source material. In The Mouth Of Maddness also does a fantastic job of this.


Cecil E. Rudd said...

1. Malcolm X - Made me want to be an actor. Denzel Washington became Malcolm X and I've been hooked since then.

2. Chasing Amy - Made me want to we a writer. I love the daioulage in this movie and could watch it everyday, plus fingercuffs.

3. Almost Famous - Made me realize how important music can be in movies.

4. Can't Buy Me Love - I love this movie. One of the first movies I could watch over and over again.

5. Porn - one of those 5 hour duel sided DVD's.

Honorable mentions: Clerks, Brown Sugar, Bad Boys II, Seven, A Time To Kill, 12 Angry Men.

JD said...

How could I forget porn? Probably because I still associate it with

Anonymous said...

hey Grubber, I spotted a limited edition Showgirls box set with extra footage at Borders?

1. The Graduate: the first movie that made a major impact on me
2. Brians Song: cause I need a good cry every once in awhile
3. Terminator 2: still stunning to watch repeatedly
4. Jaws: so I don't something stupid like try to swim to shore
5. Cider House Rules: so I can freeze frame it on Charlize Theron's butt

Shawna said...

If you are on a desert island, you need as much entertainment as you can squeeze onto a DVD, so I'll base mine, not just on films I really enjoy and could watch over and over, but discs that have extras to spare (and so I don't cheat, I will exclude all TV box sets):

1. Pirates of the Caribbean. Seriously. I need to laugh and there at least 2 audio commentaries to listen to.

2. Casablanca - the recently restored DVD is awesome and again, other commentaries and a documentary or two to pass time.

3. The Empire Strikes Back - That's the only one I need.

4. The Philadelphia Story - I could watch it over and over, and I have.

5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I'd just watch the Lego 'Camelot' a 100 times. It's that good.

Grubber said...

"hey Grubber, I spotted a limited edition Showgirls box set with extra footage at Borders?"

Moviequill, you rummaging around the dumpsters in the back .... AGAIN? ;-)

The Awful Writer said...

1. Kon Tiki