Monday, September 12, 2005

Now, That's No Update!

I haven't been posting much, obviously. I have football season on my mind, plus that Producer supposedly wants to have a sit down..(do people really use Mafia terminology now?). I have no idea what they really want, but, as I said, they appear to be truthful in who they are. But still...

I'm going to send out AFD2 in a last ditch effort to get any information for myself. The main problem, as I see it is not knowing if Mancuso has already received it. But fuck it, I'm sending it anyway.

Generator storyboards are about 1/3 finished. I get so frustrated with my hideous drawing skills. I know I can resort to stick figures, since they're for personal use anyway, but for some reason, I'm taking it as a challenge, so I get way to detailed, then my stomach churns when I see I can't do it. Hence the length of time it's taken for only 1/3. I have to just suck it up and admit, I cannot draw a picture. There, I said it. Hopefully, I can get past this 'wanting to be the best at everything even to myself' mentality that seems to be prevalent with everything I do. Which leads us into...

(If you have no interest in the NFL, or fantasy football, skip the next paragraph as it will seem even more geeky than it really is)

Fantasy football. I picked Javon Walker of the Packers as my number one wide receiver. He tore his knee up yesterday, in the first game of the year. He's done. Now this is two seasons a great player of mine has been injured on opening day. So I'm scrambling to make a deal, but the owners all know this, and of course try to rip me off in my desperation. So fuck 'em. I'm not dealing anyone. Meanwhile, I need Dunn of Atlanta to outscore Westbrook of Philly tonight. Even though I'm an Eagles fan. Great, isn't it? Here's hoping the scenario plays like this: Dunn has a great game, but Mcnabb of Philly carries the Eagles on his back and they win rather handily. Westbrook has a good game, but he doesn't touch the ball enough to do real damage. Yeah, like that will happen.

(End football talk)

I have the Martin Scorsese collection on DVD, the one with Raging Bull. It also includes New York, New York. It's the only Scorsese film I have yet to see, and I'm almost afraid to since everyone says it's his only misfire. I don't want that to taint my favorite Director. I'll let you know what I think as I watch it tonight after my Eagles whip up on Atlanta...again.


Anonymous said...

I am excited about the hockey season myself, I have an annual pool I get into with pals back home

JD said...

I love hockey, too. I am a huge Flyers fan. Thankfully, I'll be up north for the football and Hockey seasons, right where I belong.